Jelly Bean Group Family Day Care

New York Day Care, Child Care and Infant Care


Activities, toys, and play focuses on developing the child's emotional, physical and social skills in a clean, comfortable, and safe space. Infant activities include crawling and motor skills games, tummy time, exploration with learning materials and toys, reading time, song and dance activities.


Activities, toys and play focuses on developing basic social and communication skills while continuing to build upon their emotional and physical skills. Toddler activities include eating with utensils, practicing sharing, taking turns with toys, engaging in role-playing, exploring creativity with learning materials and toys, as well as arts and crafts, reading time, and song and dance activities.

Please note that:

All activities are play-based

-As children grow, activities are adapted to each child's development level and skill

A typical day at Jelly Bean includes morning snack time, free-play, arts and crafts or song/dance time, outside play, reading time, lunchtime, afternoon naptime or quiet-time, and afternoon snack time. Meal and nap time are set times within the day, while other activities are conducted around the varying group dynamic of each day.

Please feel free to contact us or visit our New York daycare center for more information.