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Jelly Bean Group Family Day Care believes that child-centered play best allows children to develop skills, explore, and learn. Jelly Bean creates a balanced environment of freedom through child-directed free play and structure through adult-led activities within the daily routine. Interacting with children in mixed age groups supports the development of younger children while older children learn leadership and nurturing skills. Jelly Bean's family, home-like environment serves as an ideal intermediate stage between home and formal school while nurturing staff work with families to provide the best individualized experience for each child.


From Parents

Our four year old daughter was in Jelly Bean Group Family Day Care's care for 3 years, at which time we had a change in our family care needs. During the time our daughter went to Jelly Bean Group Family Day Care she engaged in a variety of different activities including crafts, learning, outdoor play, dance and gymnastics. There were plenty of games and activities to keep the children busy through the day.

It was a pleasure to get to know Jelly Bean Group Family Day Care.

- C.I.